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17 November, 2008

My Last Experiments

For some periods of time, I have been focusing my internet business to get money merely through free facilities: free blog (blogger)and free optimasion tools (as I put in link area).

One and half months again we will celebrate a new year. The year of 2009 will come soon and 2008 will go right away. I will end the remaining dates in this year with my series of experiments of the internet marketing activities. And in the first day of the next year, it is my right time for beginning to build my real business with those free facilities. Yes I know that utilizing paid facilities is better, but I think that using free ones is not bad decision as well, particularly for man like me who has very limited money. The key , according to me, is we must contend with them seriously.

Ok, at least, when the new year (next year) come, I should know how to make a research of the market effectively, how to make the free blogs optimally, and how to make, and which, promotions that could be applied for gaining the targeted traffic well.

Now, my remaining experiments are examining three methods of internet marketing: social bookmarking and article marketing and dummy blogs (especially for SEO). In the last day of this year I will make reviews about all my activities relating to my internet marketing activities. I will talk in detail concerning how well all my experiments I have done: about traffics, about a number of effective and ineffective tools, about the research, promotions etc.


08 November, 2008

Google Analytics: A Google’s Great Tool for Webmaster

We can employ Google Analytics to find out which online marketing initiatives are cost effectual and observe how visitors really interact with our site. Even more, we can make informed site design improvements, make targeted traffic, and augment our conversions along with profits. This is very important for web master, particularly for internet marketers. If we read in its home page, the Google’s aims itself are helping us to magnetize more of the traffic we are searching for, and also helping us to turn more visitors into customers. The home page address is on here.