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07 Desember, 2008

Goal Setting: Memaksimalkan Potensi Penuh Anda

If you're going on a trip, what's the first thing you normally do? You pull out a map and plot your course. You find the best way to get to your final destination. Your journey in life is no different. If you want to be successful, you need to develop a well thought out plan to get there. How do you that? With three easy steps.

1. You need to have specific written goals in place.

Goals need to be very detailed. You can't just say, "I want to have a new car this year". You have to get all of your five senses involved. What kind of car, what color, what does the interior smell like, how do the seats feel? Picture yourself driving it. The more real you can imagine it, the better chance you have of making it come true.

2. You need to write the reasons for why you want to achieve these goals and you need to look at them daily!

Why do you want a new car? Why do you want to be a success online? You have to have specific reasons for achieving your goals. Otherwise, why would you spend time working online when you could be lounging on the couch watching TV? Your reasons give you a purpose, they will keep you focused on the future. In a world of instant everything, it's hard to stay with something when you don't see immediate results. But in order to have a successful business online, you must stick with it for at least a year!

3. You have to break your big goals down into mini goals

When I started with Financial Freedom Society business , for instance, I made it my goal to sign up 24 teammates in a year. In order to accomplish that goal, I broke it down into smaller sections. That meant for each month I was going to sign up 2 people. In order to sign up 2 people, I made weekly and daily goals for myself. I would send out 10 emails a day, I would devote 2 hours a week to learning the Fincancial Freedom Society course, I would spend 5 hours a week training my downline. Whatever your time frame is, however many hours you can devote to your online business, you need to set mini -goals for yourself. You need to have a plan!

By: Anne Ahira
AsianBrain's CEO