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24 Februari, 2008

A Lesson From Gede Prama

I remember what Gede Prama said several years ago. He said that the proof if you have a great desire or no is the sign you show.

when some of the people take a rest in the night, and we dont sleep just for doing something, it is a sign that we have desire about the thing. when many of people watch cinema and we spend the time for learning something, it is the proof of the sign we display that we have a real desire.

we should differentiate beetwen desire and want. desire is what really we want and we try hard to realize it into reality. and the want is just the want and we often dont make it to be reality.

Yes, I think its time for challenging the stream. our people surrounding us frequently spend their time for unvaluable things and they dont know about their aims. i could not blame them. it is the tradition that happen almost in everywhere. what I shloud do is challenging the habbits that accour in my surrounding. wish man said that the success man has some habbits to challenge the stream of their invirontment.